Our vision:

To partner with technology associations and companies across Canada to provide a simple consolidated access point of technology solutions suppliers for Government leaders at all levels. The Marketplace is a one-stop shop for public and private sector officials to view the incredible technological solutions on offer across the country.

Our goal:

To enable agile procurement. In the increasingly digital world, the Digital Marketplace will facilitate agile and flexible government procurement through simple outreach and immediate access to cutting-edge innovation and technology. This is just one step towards transforming digital government and building the digital economy across Canada.
Company Spotlight

xahive inc

xahive's xamessenger™ is a powerful secure endpoint-encrypted communication solution in compliance with NA/EU cybersecurity & privacy regulations. Additionally, xahive offers xahive Online Cybersecurity Education (xce) for organizations, enabling economical, self-directed cybersecurity education for the entire organization, focused on the complete value chain. xahive also offers the xahive threat assessment matrix (xtam™), a Cybersecurity audit software/framework agnostic audit tool, enabling effective cybersecurity governance decisions for an entire organization and its value chain.

xahive is partnered with BlackBerry and Red Hat globally. In addition, xahive has partnered with Centennial College to deliver the online cybersecurity education.

Trust xahive.

xahive has enterprise level clients are in NA & EU. Presented at the World Economic Forum and G20 Youth Summit. xahive has co-published Cyberattack Fact-sheets on the US-Commercial Service website. xahive has developed 8 cybersecurity governance online courses in collaboration with Centennial College.

Software Consulting/IT Services Cybersecurity

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