Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange

Ottawa, Canada
Robert Gordon, Executive Director

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The CCTX is a not-for-profit organization established by the private sector to share cyber threat information and enable collaboration activity among its member organizations. The goal is to enhance cyber resilience and help thwart the spread of cyber attacks in Canada.

The CCTX is the only cross-sector initiative that brings together all sizes and types of organizations to collaborate on cyber security by gathering, enriching, analyzing and sharing cyber threat information across government and business sectors. This sharing occurs within the CCTX ‘secure portal’ and through interactive opportunities. Membership continues to grow and is now made up of over 140 organizations from various industries including telecommunications, finance and banking, insurance, health care, municipalities, construction, retail, electricity, energy, logistics, legal, consulting and airports

Collaboration provides an opportunity for IT professionals to share best practices and benefit from the experience of others. This is discussed in biweekly cyber threat conference calls and webinars on the changing technical and threat environment. Cross-organization perspective is a critical contributor to the cyber resilience of the supply chain.

The CCTX has a close working relationship with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and provides complementary services to those offered by the Federal Government. Executives from both the CCCS and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) are permanent invitees to the CCTX Board of Directors.

No organization on their own can effectively deal with the current cyber threat environment. The CCTX community helps to build the cyber shield that Canada requires

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