Element AI

Toronto, Canada
Phil Donelson, Lead, Public Sector
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Simplified model for the Epidemiology of COVID-19
Response team staffing & scheduling,
Resources planning, production & allocation
Case load forecasting
Test response prediction

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Objective # 1 - Collect and analyze resource needs in real time to optimize their deployment
Transpose epidemiological forecasts of the progression of the virus in real time, broken down by region and by age group, through an allocation model for medical equipment, in particular testing tools, respirators, hospital beds and COVID-related material.

The model would be generated by the internal computing power at Element AI and aggregated data would be submitted to the government daily through a secure web platform.

Objective # 2 - Optimize hospital staff schedules
Design personalized work schedules for healthcare staff informed by skill needs and forecasted spread of the virus to maximize healthcare delivery and maintain the energy and health of our healthcare workers. This tool can be deployed on mobile devices.

Objective # 3 - Optimize the schedules of staff working in test centres
Design personalized work schedules for staff working in test centres. The number of anticipated tests based on epidemiological forecasting models is related to the empirical and variable resources necessary for the collection and analysis of tests. More specifically, the resource variable required for test analysis can be refined by the use of machine learning (a form of AI).

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