PRADEL Consulting

Montréal, Canada
Delphine Pramotton, President
Which of the following best describes your company?
Small- or medium-sized company

Type of company (check all applicable)
  • Consulting/IT Services

If other, please specify

Area of Specialization
  • Big Data (Data Governance/Data Science & Analytics)
  • Cybersecurity
  • SaaS (software as a service)

If other, please specify
IT Audit ; IT Training

Do you have a need for / interest in hiring a coop/intern student?
Yes, in the Summer

Describe your company's current technology and solutions
We provide Best-In-Class IT consulting to assist our clients in solving complex issues related to information systems. We provide IT governance, IT risk management, IT transformation, cybersecurity, IT audit & Compliance solutions as well as training.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
We can help with reliability of data, streamlining business processes and IT, managing increasing IT risks, defining proper dashboards to monitor data.

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
We have a strong expertise in IT risk management, fraud detection, IT audit as well as data governance. We can assist with the implementation of a verification program on IT systems to detect irregularities. IT risk and cyber threats are increasing and we are here to help.

Do you have any final reflections or comments?
Attracting customers is where we need help as we don’t have any marketing nor business dev capacity currently. we have a strong loyalty from our current customers but we need bigger opportunities to survive.