ForaHealthyMe Inc.

Toronto, Canada
Courtney Cole, CEO

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  • Health Tech
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  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Digital Health
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • SaaS (software as a service)

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The ForaHealthyMe platform delivers integrated practice management workflows for chronic, acute and mental health care issues. Areas of focus include Musculoskeletal, Cardiac or Neurological Care.
Target customers include Long Term Care facilities, retirement residential communities, Home Care services and specialty clinics for complex chronic and acute care.
The platform is designed for enterprise scale, capable of handling high volume and sensitive information.
Tools include telehealth, tele-rehab technology and gamified 3D Virtual Coaching avatars that simulate human motion and stimulate physical activity.
Our areas of strength include:
Connected Care, Clinical & MedTech Innovations
IoMT, Cloud, & Informatics
Virtual Care, Health Bots & Voice-activated Technology
Mobile Treatments, Patient Monitoring

Customer References
Spinal Cord Injury Ontario
St. Joseph's Hospital

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