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Toronto, Canada
Keren Moynihan, CEO
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Small- or medium-sized company

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  • Software

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  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Big Data (Data Governance/Data Science & Analytics)
  • Fintech
  • SaaS (software as a service)

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Do you have a need for / interest in hiring a coop/intern student?
Yes, in the Fall

Describe your company's current technology and solutions
Boss Insights platform digitizes lending to grow relationships between banks and their business clients. Banks are regulatory experts however, when it comes to their business customers, they rely on third party providers to service them (i.e. credit scores, lenders, etc.). With business expectations increasing, there's a growing divide. This is all the more challenging for community banks. Boss Insights' API hub empowers lenders to bridge that divide. Since COVID, Boss Insights launched a new platform for the US lending program to support businesses that stands apart from other providers by offering instant forgiveness calculation in 3 steps. With new rules, borrowers and lenders will have to duplicate their work unless they use a platform that automates the changes. That's the power of an API hub, the backbone of Boss Insights' platform. With anything short of true data automation, changes will lead to more work. The difference with API hub is that the work is done once.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
Boss Insights stands ready to provide support to lenders, banks and credit unions, as they support their business borrowers.

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
The government has provided a lot of incredible support to companies. I they were looking for an easy way to track these programs from the application, decisioning and monitoring front, Boss Insights could provide that automation to accelerate the process from weeks / months to minutes.

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