RentalGauge Inc.

Kingston, Canada
Shawn Leclaire, Founder and CEO
Which of the following best describes your company?
Small- or medium-sized company

Type of company (check all applicable)
  • Software
  • Systems Integration
  • Other

If other, please specify
Real Estate I.T.

Area of Specialization
  • Big Data (Data Governance/Data Science & Analytics)
  • Cloud/Infrastructure
  • Fintech
  • SaaS (software as a service)

If other, please specify
Landlord and Tenant

Do you have a need for / interest in hiring a coop/intern student?
Yes, in the Fall

Describe your company's current technology and solutions
RentalGauge Inc. provides a subscription based cloud software platform for landlords and tenants in Canada.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
RentalGauge streamlines legislatively required paperwork between landlords and tenants and tracks financial data for year end tax reporting.

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
RentalGauge provides a virtual platform through which landlords and tenants can communicate maintenance needs and to coordinate physically safe times to complete maintenance work.

Do you have any final reflections or comments?
We are committed to significantly improving the compliance and efficiency of the rental market in Canada.