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We now have more than 100 Datascientists. Most of them are spread over our 3 Centers of Excellence in Europe and North America. And we also have a network of Datascience ambassadors who allow us to cover our 29 offices.
The diversity of profiles reflects the maturity of our offer. The classic organization around Datascience consists in having a team of individual datascientists. The coupling with the Management Consultant is done quite naturally at Sia, either with datascientists affiliated to a sector, or with a pair of business consultants and Datascientists. Beyond PoCs, we have put ourselves in a position to deliver end user solutions, and to propose them with a SLA (Service Level Agreement) for production implementation. Hence the need for Data Engineers and Web Developers who complete our team.
Hereafter we present 5 of our solutions:
1. Optiwize
Operational research is an analytical method of problem-solving and decision-making that is useful in the management of organizations. Such models can be used both for operational and strategic purposes.
Generic models can be applied to very different business contexts, such as:
• Multi-flow model: how to optimize the structure of a network ;
• Routing model: how to optimize the route of a fleet of vehicles which has to deliver several given points.
The OptiWize tool contains every features to:
• Configure the optimization problem and take into account the context specificities;
• Set-up and launch the optimization models;
• Visualize optimization outputs;
• Lead deeper analysis & studies.
2. DeepReview
Our AI solution capitalizes on online customer reviews (incl. Google) to allow a live evaluation of brands, services and products offered at different levels: general, product, service, staff, organization, operations, etc.; as well as a comparison of their performance. It includes:
• Overall multi-sources analysis and detailed analysis of satisfaction and dissatisfaction by theme
• Comparison of networks or institutions in different geographical areas or different websites
• Detection of weak signals and specific intentions
• «Reply to notifications» available directly from the interface
• Diagnosis and optimization of local presence
• Fake reviews detection
3. Competitive Pricing
Systematic use of the Internet to compare offers, coupled with the possibility to henceforth terminate contracts at any time, favors competition across industries. Knowledge and consideration of competitors’ prices now become necessary not to lose ground to market players holding such information.
Sia Partners developed an innovative competitive pricing technology that offers a complete solution for optimizing one’s prices given the market rates:
• Massive and automated collection of Internet prices through our data capture technology from online quoting websites and price-comparators
• Reverse engineering models to decode competitors’ underlying pricing algorithms and
4. Weather & Climate
Climate and weather conditions have a major influence on many companies, both in terms of commercial results and customer satisfaction. It is thus crucial for them to integrate these parameters into the analysis of their business data.
Our tool gathers Business (revenue, demand, etc.) and Weather (weather forecasts, meteorological observations) data. It then correlates weather and business data using Machine Learning and a White-box system. It enables our clients to master their weather sensitivity and climatic risk thanks to:
• A global geographic coverage: real-time forecast
• Up to 40 years of historical Data (15TB+ 5GB/day) with data from 4,000 stations all over the world to identify correlations between client’s business and weather data
• Worldwide weather forecast till D+14 for 29 variables to anticipate what will happen in a close future
• Long term (Y+1 to Y+100) scenarios of weather trends to highlight global trends and enable client’s to refine its strategy
5. SmartDataQuality
Data quality is crucial for conducting any relevant data analysis for all companies. This task is generally regarded as tedious as it involves time-consuming manual operations. To make it easier and more efficient, Sia Partners developed a solution to automate data cleansing that leverages artificial intelligence. It allows users to automatically detect outliers in their dataset, to normalize sets of data (e.g. French addresses) and to complete the missing values of their dataset. The latter is based on an algorithm that learns the complete values’ behavior to assess what the missing data should be.
The bot returns complementary elements such as a summary table of the dataset, the correlations between variables, the variables’ repartition and an overall Quality Rate.

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