GROK Energy Services Inc.

Victoria, Canada
Douglas Green, CEO
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Small- or medium-sized company

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Energy Management

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  • Big Data (Data Governance/Data Science & Analytics)
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HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Optimization

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Describe your company's current technology and solutions
We are building performance experts. Our mission is to improve the operating efficiency of existing assets, using our extensive Building Commissioning, Optimization and Energy Management experience and expertise.

With GROK's 'People-Safe Restart Services', we are helping our clients SAFELY re-open their facilities after COVID-19 related shutdowns.

GROK offers many proprietary, proven technologies and services to optimize HVAC thermal performance, and / or Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Our technologies are all proven and have been extensively tested independently in accredited laboratory environments, and / or by highly reputable testing organizations, including Canada's federal government National Research Council. Test results are available upon request. Our solutions include:


We offer a IoT / Cloud based wireless monitoring solution that continuously tracks IEQ variables such as sound levels, light levels, TVOCs, CO2, Radon, BioAerosols, Particulate concentrations, temperature, humidity, ion levels, and more (systems can be customized to monitor and track any desired environmental variable, indoors or outdoors).

When combined with remote monitoring, GROK's IEQ offering has the ability to proactively identify any significant changes in IEQ, notify facility management, and provide analytics to help identify the cause of any changes, and suggest appropriate remedial actions. This service can identify possible risks to occupant health before they cause any harm, or disrupt business activities.

GROK also offers comprehensive services and technologies designed to address IEQ problems holistically:

- Acoustic analysis and treatment options can resolve disruptive acoustic conditions;

- Ambient light measurement and analysis services can guide recommended lighting upgrade recommendations to not only save energy, but also meet established workplace health and safety standards;

- Airflow Optimization services help identify and correct any areas within a facility not receiving enough air exchange or air movement, ensuring Indoor air Quality is evenly represented throughout the space, AND that air exchange (ventilation) rates are appropriate;

- GROK's Air Sterilization systems reduce particulate levels, kill mould, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, and break down VOCs into their harmless base elements (eliminating odours), while offering substantial energy savings.

HVAC Optimization:

- GROK offers a unique cloud-based, IoT HVAC monitoring service that precisely measures the thermal performance of individual HVAC assets in real time. This service, when combined with remote monitoring, provides predictive analysis capabilities to identify changes in HVAC unit performance before a breakdown or failure occurs. The precise energy measurements are also able to demonstrate the actual daily operating cost change associated with any change in operating efficiency. The technology allows GROK to 'tune' large, energy-intensive HVAC assets (such as multi-hundred ton chillers or boilers) to achieve optimal performance, then ensure that peak performance is maintained over time. These combined services usually offer a simple payback measuring in months, not years.

GROK also provides several different proven technologies which enhance the performance of HVAC heat exchangers, by keeping both the inside and outside surfaces clean at all times. This substantially improves overall operating efficiency, reduces maintenance, extends asset lifespan, and offers a compelling business case, all of which has been proven thousands of times with rigorous M&V following the IPMVP protocol.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
As the Canadian federal government, Canadian society, and other places around the world all look to define 'the new normal', there is an increasing call for an aggressive reduction in carbon emissions.

As a company focussed on reducing energy use in existing buildings, literally everything we do contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Outright replacement of all older buildings and older carbon-intensive HVAC systems is not feasible on a national scale, overnight. What IS feasible, cost effective, and time-efficient, is measuring then optimizing the performance of these buildings and HVAC systems, to provide immediate carbon reductions, while also immediately reducing operating costs and improving comfort - for MUCH lower cost than replacement alternatives.

We can help buy some time, by making meaningful process towards a net-zero future quickly, and cost-effectively.

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
GROK's cost-effective 'People-Safe Restart Services' and our virus-killing 'Air Sterilization Systems' are both proven ways to help ensure facilities are SAFE during and after the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We inspect and measure, then design a unique mitigation strategy for each facilities' HVAC system(s) against COVID concerns. We help manage what cannot be seen, so the indoor environment is SAFE for all workers, clients, and other occupants.

Our consulting services (customized for each client) can include helping ensure all local health authority, physical distancing, surface cleaning, and other COVID related measures, standards, policies, legislation and requirements are all met upon a facility reopening.

In light of major supply chain disruptions, a major reduction in consumer confidence, and COVID concerns and regulations, the amount of things a business needs to pay attention to RIGHT NOW when re-opening is overwhelming. This creates the very real possibility of something critical being accidentally overlooked, or intentionally disregarded (possibly due to not understanding the importance). Our low-cost service relieves some of this burden from the business owner, helping ensure full compliance is met, while leaving them free to do what they do best - running their business.

Do you have any final reflections or comments?
GROK is positioned to help clients located anywhere in BC from our Vancouver Island office, or anywhere in Ontario from our office in Cambridge, ON.

We look forward to further discussion, and applaud the Technation initiative!