Privacy Horizon Inc.

Toronto, Canada
Patrick Lo, CEO
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Small- or medium-sized company

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Privacy Compliance and Managed Privacy and Cybersecurity

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PHI provides the tools, training, and other risk management resources needed to enable start-ups, and small and medium sized organizations to build privacy and security into their products and services. PHI equips an organization with the infrastructure and capabilities necessary to safeguard the privacy rights of individuals and protect personal information from loss or theft, or from unauthorized access, modification, copying, collection, use, disclosure or retention.
Our CyberRisk Management services provide Managed Privacy and Cybersecurity Services, a turn-key data protection suite for small and medium size businesses.

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To assist SMB to provide managed privacy and security services to enable them to protect their clients information from malicious agent. This will allow them to focus on sustaining their business offerings with out worrying about impact from privacy breaches.

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