Toronto, Canada
Zach Weber, General Manager
Which of the following best describes your company?
North American company

Type of company (check all applicable)
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Other

If other, please specify
Food, Food & Beverage, Food Services, Corporate Wellness

Area of Specialization
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Cleantech
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

If other, please specify

Do you have a need for / interest in hiring a coop/intern student?
Yes, immediately

Describe your company's current technology and solutions
KitchenMate has built the world's first plug-and-play self serve restaurant for businesses and healthcare facilities, combining top culinary talent with innovative technology to give people access to fresh, hot meals at work or on-the-go, in the comfort of their office, lunchroom, or cafeteria.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
We are committed to supporting healthcare workers, government entities, and leading businesses across the country during this critical time. We are in a unique position to help by providing 24-hour access to safe, fresh, high-quality meals for staff working on-site. Our self-serve technology has removed the need for human interaction and is inherently optimized for social distancing, while our meals are packaged in single use, heat-sealed tamper-proof containers and are prepared in a CFIA licensed, SQF certified facility that has consistently received the highest industry certifications.

Do you have any final reflections or comments?