BoxOut Performance Science

Mississauga, Canada
Abhinav Prakash, Co-Founder
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Small- or medium-sized company

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  • Health Tech
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Wellness, HR, Performance

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  • Big Data (Data Governance/Data Science & Analytics)
  • Digital Health
  • HRtech

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Do you have a need for / interest in hiring a coop/intern student?
Yes, in the Fall

Describe your company's current technology and solutions
We help individuals and organizations to be top performers and reach their full potential

We are providing mental wellness and development programs for the masses that have been typically reserved for members of the NHL/NBA/MLB/NFL as well as US Military, Special Forces, and select Fortune 500 companies. Where performance matters - they use this type of programming.

Science tells us that 90% of performance is mental, even in something as physical as being a soldier or weight lifting. This means that everything that we do from family life to academics, work life to sports, is much more mental than physical. Mental health and mental wellness were already big topics before this COVID-19 outbreak but they become even more critical in a time like this. While most people just TALK about it, we empower them to DO and take control. Everybody knows they should gets 'physicals' and 'checkups' from a doctor on a regular basis just for preventative and maintenance purposes (and it makes complete sense, we have one body to last us for life, might as well make sure its working optimally!)

However, using the same logic, we should also be getting regular 'mentals' or 'mental health checkups' to make sure our visual-sensory, cognitive, and mindset skills are all functioning as they should. This means alot more than going to an optometrist once in a while. We created the 'NeckUp CheckUp' which quantitatively measures over 55 traits above a person's neck and gives a holistic view of a person as well as baselines and personalized insights on where a person is today and what they need to do to reach their peak potential.

Our solutions are used primarily by 5 sectors:
- Defense/Tactical Operations (Most critical due to potential of life/death decisions)
- Corporate
- Academic Institutions
- Athletic Organizations
- Seniors (Most at-risk due to mental deterioration)

They reasons they use and rely on our services are:
- To get general health and wellness baselines
- Talent identification and selection (Finding and selecting the right people for your team/company)
- Performance Optimization (Getting the most out of the people on the team)
- Risk Mitigation (Avoiding risk of burnout/injury)

We want to help Canada be recognized as the most innovative, forward-thinking country that takes the health and wellness of its people more seriously than anyone else on the planet.

In a time when most institutions and amenities are closed and people are figuring out what to do, those who are partners and clients of BoxOut right now are able to work on their visual, sensory, cognitive, and mental abilities from home and make good use of this time towards self-improvement and personal development.

BoxOut Performance Science is home-grown by immigrant and minority founders and is the only organization partnered with the elite organizations of the world and committed to making mental performance training and tools available down to the grass roots level for Canadians.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
There are several challenges that government faces as well as opportunities that can be addressed by BoxOut technologies.

Challenges faced:
- Identification, Training, Development of Personnel for various roles in government
- Creating cohesive/effective groups of people with different personalities and working styles
- Development of people via work-from-home conditions
- Treating mental health and promoting holistic wellness
- Providing holistic education for youth (potentially virtually)
- Promoting Safe Driving and Motor Vehicle Operation (the drivers test through Ministry of Education just cares that you can see and know the rules, but doesn't factor in how well someone can see and under what conditions which is very important, and potentially life-saving)
- Reducing the number of jobless/unemployed people

- Creating baselines and benchmarks using real, hard data about visual-sensory, cognitive, and mental performance
- To see below the surface level of people and ensure holistic wellness (anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions won't just appear or be spoken out about, they need to be identified)
- Developing youth to become more self-aware so that they can become positive contributors to society (Education system does not teach many things which kids should know at a young age about themselves)
- Improve Canada's position in athletics/Olympic performance (CSIO and sport institutes do not possess the tech/knowledge to provide these resources for every carded athlete)
- Growing Canada's GDP (improving the efficiency and output of Canadian startups through performance science)

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
1. Creating mental performance baselines for individuals and organizations to aid in their development (
2. Just like the govt took obesity and physical health seriously and started many initiatives to promote exercise and healthy active lifestyles, the same is needed now for mental health and there are not many tools that can 'assess and train' those critical skills
3. Providing these services for business owners and their teams so that they can get a pulse of how people are feeling and what they need more of
4. While people are working from home, self-care and development becomes difficult, all our programming is online and easy to do from home
5. Students and youth are vulnerable, slowly seeing their potential be capped by loss of instruction time and increase in distractions at home (tv, netflix, games, etc) - perfect time for them to receive development programs at home that they enjoy and make them better
6. Providing these services to jobless/unemployed people will give them a renewed sense of confidence and self-awareness to pursure what they are passionate about and capable of
7. Treating mental health and promoting holistic wellness

Do you have any final reflections or comments?
We have operated for neatly 4 years. We have grown significantly with little to no help from the government. We have resisted overtures from firms and governments of OTHER countries in order to help Canada be recognized as a leader and to provide these services to our own people FIRST. With world-class athletes, CEOs, and social sector leaders all praising and supporting us, we are confident that we can provide revolutionary programs that not only help Canada deal with the side-effects of this crisis but also propel the country to world-leader status when it comes to the development and care of our citizens. There are about 7 billion people on this planet making humans one of the most abundant resources that we have on Earth, and it took over 2000 years but we have finally figured out a way to 'mine' this resource and help people reach their full potential. If we have 35 Million self-aware, peak performers in this country, the sky is the limit. We are ready if you are!