Tickit Health, Ltd

Vancouver, Canada
Eric Gombrich, CEO
Which of the following best describes your company?
Small- or medium-sized company

Type of company (check all applicable)
  • Health Tech
  • Software

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Education, Mental Health, Community Wellness

Area of Specialization
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Big Data (Data Governance/Data Science & Analytics)
  • Cloud/Infrastructure
  • Digital Health
  • Marketing Tech
  • SaaS (software as a service)

If other, please specify
Survey, Assessment, Questionnaires

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Describe your company's current technology and solutions
Tickit (our solution) is a novel approach to capturing person (patient) reported data, and educating patients based on what we call Digital Empathy. Our digitally empathetic approach to assessing, survey, and educating patients has proven to be more efficient for organizations to deliver, while also capturing more accurate data than conventional surveying or assessment approaches.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
Yes. We've already developed a dynamic, configurable, multi-language Covid-19 self-triaging Tool to allow people to determine what their next step of action should be, based on jurisdictional (or health system) resources and strategies. We've also developed a Covid-19 / isolation educational Tool, again configurable and multi-language.

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
A key one for us includes our 'standard,' pre-Covid activity. As children and youth return to school, they likely need to be screened for 2 things: (1) Covid-19 criteria (anyone in the home with symptoms?) before allowing them into the classroom and this can leverage the screening Tool (see above); and, (2), they likely need to be screened for anxiety, depression, social determinant issues, etc. stemming from this pandemic. We have a library of such validated and standardized screening Tools available on the platform.

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