Blue Prism

Ottawa, Canada
Andre Bourgeacq, Canadian Public Sector Leader
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Blue Prism provides Intelligent Automation solutions and services to Private and Public Sector organizations in the form of Digital Workers (aka Robotics Process Automation) that can be deployed rapidly (i.e. at a fraction of the time that it takes to develop, test and rollout traditional forms of automation). Blue Prism’s enterprise RPA products help Public Sector and Healthcare organizations: 1) Deliver a 24/7 connected Digital Workforce across their entire networks or wherever the "business" needs it most, 2) Accelerate automations and improve customer experiences with RPA, advanced AI, and the scalability of the cloud, and 3) Gain instant access to a pool of intelligent Digital Workers with pre-integrated AI skills and with the option for cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments. In addition, via our Blue Prism connected-RPA platform, we provide an integrated solution that enables business agility and strategic outcomes through intelligent automation, augmented analytics and data management with the following benefits: Connect to all systems, databases, files & applications; Cleanse & master data for trusted, reliable analytics; Securely automate processes increasing efficiency & productivity; Empower a digital workforce to interpret, respond and collaborate with systems & people; Replace routine, error-prone work
with value-added activity.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
Yes. Blue Prism is already working with Public Sector and Healthcare organizations globally to address many urgent challenges that they are facing while combatting COVID-19. Some examples are: UK's National Health Service (NHS) - 4 separate projects that NHS is integrating Blue Prism connected RPA to reduce heavy burden of manual labor-intensive tasks so that care workers can focus on providing care to patients; automations to help with manual extraction and processing of data - specifically to access diverse systems, extract, consolidate and publish data onto three different platforms for people to access test results; automating COVID-19 test analysis processes; automating the patient diagnostic tracking process - log data into tracker, monitor progress and status, transfer and update patient data and notify departments in order to provide the best care to patients.

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
Yes. Some examples are: Medical Supply Chain Automation; Preliminary Triage for Contact Centers; At-risk patient identification and isolation at scale; Call Center Assisted Mode for providing low-risk patients with self-service and other options; Intelligent Automation for the processing of unemployment claims; Intelligent Automation applied to loan origination and processing for Canadian small and medium sized businesses; Intelligent Automation for high-volume emergency email triage and handling; Emergency Loan Processing for Canadians Abroad; Workforce Resiliency Solution leveraging Digital Workers for hundreds of thousands of Public Sector employees forced to work remotely, Life Sciences research support by moving large amounts of data from one discreet system to another to support research for COVID vaccine. In addition, Blue Prism connected-RPA can support improving Logistics and Personnel Deployment During a Crisis - i.e. Multiple tracking systems and data sets make it tough for federal departments to get a common operating picture during a crisis. The challenge lies in getting logistic and personnel placement to areas quickly and accurately. Blue Prism has designed an automated, end-to-end solution that can identify, deploy and track logistics and personnel during the Coronavirus outbreak, enabling government to respond safely, securely and at scale, all without human intervention. The solution utilizes a digital workforce to perform mapping exercises and critical mission support in hard hit COVID-19 regions, saving countless hours while ensuring error-free deployment, order processing and management.

Do you have any final reflections or comments?
In a spirit of goodwill to support those enterprises and people combatting the COVID 19 pandemic, Blue Prism has initiated a special initiative as part of the Blue Prism for Good Program. As a part of the initiative, Blue Prism is collecting ideas / recommendations to apply Blue Prism technology and expert resources (free-of-charge, if appropriate) during this time of crisis. The web page that describes this initiative can be found at the following url: