Blue Prism

Ottawa, Canada
Andre Bourgeacq, Canadian Public Sector Leader

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Blue Prism provides Intelligent Automation solutions and services to Private and Public Sector organizations in the form of Digital Workers (aka Robotics Process Automation) that can be deployed rapidly (i.e. at a fraction of the time that it takes to develop, test and rollout traditional forms of automation). Blue Prism’s enterprise RPA products help Public Sector and Healthcare organizations: 1) Deliver a 24/7 connected Digital Workforce across their entire networks or wherever the "business" needs it most, 2) Accelerate automations and improve customer experiences with RPA, advanced AI, and the scalability of the cloud, and 3) Gain instant access to a pool of intelligent Digital Workers with pre-integrated AI skills and with the option for cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments. In addition, via our Blue Prism connected-RPA platform, we provide an integrated solution that enables business agility and strategic outcomes through intelligent automation, augmented analytics and data management with the following benefits: Connect to all systems, databases, files & applications; Cleanse & master data for trusted, reliable analytics; Securely automate processes increasing efficiency & productivity; Empower a digital workforce to interpret, respond and collaborate with systems & people; Replace routine, error-prone work
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