xahive inc

Ottawa, Canada
Sem Ponnambalam, President
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xahive’s xamessenger™ is a powerful secure endpoint-encrypted communication solution in compliance with NA/EU cybersecurity & privacy regulations. Additionally, xahive offers xahive Online Cybersecurity Education (xce) for organizations, enabling economical, self-directed cybersecurity education for the entire organization, focused on the complete value chain. xahive also offers the xahive threat assessment matrix (xtam™), a Cybersecurity audit software/framework agnostic audit tool, enabling effective cybersecurity governance decisions for an entire organization and its value chain.

xahive is partnered with BlackBerry and Red Hat globally. In addition, xahive has partnered with Centennial College to deliver the online cybersecurity education.

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xahive has enterprise level clients are in NA & EU. Presented at the World Economic Forum and G20 Youth Summit. xahive has co-published Cyberattack Fact-sheets on the US-Commercial Service website. xahive has developed 8 cybersecurity governance online courses in collaboration with Centennial College.

Are you aware of any current government challenges or opportunities that would be addressed by using your technology solution? Or a future need you can identify?
Government is currently communicating with businesses and organizational and other stakeholder representatives who are connecting from their insecure home networks. We are able to ensure that the communication between their stakeholders and value-chain remain safe and compliant with Canadian cybersecurity and privacy regulations. In addition, we in collaboration with Centennial College are able to offer online cybersecurity training aimed at Non-Technical professionals.
Protect your data with Cybersecurity Governance
xahive has partnered with Centennial College, who is the first academic institution in Canada to provide Cybersecurity Governance Training for non-IT professionals.
In an increasingly online world, it’s more important than ever for everyone to be part of the solution instead of just relying on the IT staff to protect against the threats of hacking and data breaches. Centennial College and xahive have teamed up to create micro-courses aimed at non-technical staff that will show you how to defend yourself and your company against cybercrime, through learning that’s easy to understand, and even fun. Upon completion of the micro-courses, you’ll earn an internationally-recognized badge from Centennial College and xahive, and be able to share your achievement on LinkedIn.
Participants of all 6 micro-courses will meet Canadian, US and UK/European cybersecurity training requirements:
Micro-course 1: Cybersecurity and the Internet
Micro-course 2: Cybersecurity and the Healthcare Sector
Micro-course 3: Cybercrime: Regional and International Legislation
Micro-course 4: Cybersecurity Governance Essentials
Micro-course 5: Cybercrime: Cybersecurity Ethics
Micro-course 6: Cybercrime: Threats and Consequences for Organizations

As the COVID crisis continues, please describe specific opportunities where your technology might support Canadian needs / government needs
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to a massive number of employees globally being sent home to work remotely. Cyber crime damage costs may double due to COVID-19 outbreak. The FBI & RCMP have made a public service announcements about the increased cyber threats surrounding COVID-19 pandemic. There are numerous cyberattacks, viruses and malware/Ransomware appearing to take advantage of professionals affected by COVID-19 by appearing to be legitimate websites / emails and infecting their devices and computers whether you are a front- line worker or professional working from home. Coronavirus-related spear phishing attacks see a 667% increase since March 2020. The exposure to compromised e-commerce websites is greater than ever.

Preparing professionals with the knowledge needed to protect themselves from cyber criminals will reduce the risk that a professional & their value-chain working remotely or on the front-line will be victimized. Some of the many benefits are:
Protect Economy;
Develop a Security-Focused Culture;
Empower Employees;
Protect Assets;
Prevent Downtime;
Increase Adoption;
Institute Proactive Practices;
Collect Risk Data by Driving Awareness;
Get Everyone on the Same Page;
Expand Awareness to Reduce Threats;
Stay Compliant;
Save on cyber security insurance

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